• 吸干机氧化铝的利用寿命?
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For the problem of how often the alumina in the adsorption dryer needs to be replaced, some say that the adsorption dryer can be replaced once every two years if the alumina quality is good, but some don't think so.


The heatless regenerative adsorption dryer can easily adsorb water molecules in the molecular sieve particles, and then use the regeneration method to restore the molecular sieve. Its compressed air point can easily reach - 40. Reliable control system: it can be adjusted on site, 10 minute cycle (generating - 40 ℃ dew point, inlet temperature 38 ℃) or 4 minute cycle (generating - 70 ℃ dew point, inlet temperature 38 ℃).


The durable air flow control valve has the greatest reliability and adopts advanced electromagnetic shut-off valve.


The alumina filling capacity of the adsorption dryer without heat regeneration is closely related to the size of the equipment. If it is a large flow air compressor, the motion dryer will be relatively large, and the filling capacity of a relatively large molecular sieve is also relatively large.


The general alumina molecular sieve has a service life, that is, if the filling amount is large, it may take a long time to replace, but the best thing is to match the corresponding adsorption dryer.